Next Generation User Interfaces

In the information landscape, there is an increasing number of non-library providers who attract the attention of current library users. Libraries are in a state of intense transitioning and face the question of whether or not they still sufficiently meet the information needs of their users on a daily basis.

Kataložna pravila i praksa u zemljama jugoistočne Europe

The article presents results of the research into state of the art of theoretical foundations and use of cataloguing rules, putting them in relation to the contemporary trends in the field of bibliographic control. The research that was conducted in national libraries and library associations of countries of South-East Europe showed that in spite of the claimed use of Eva Verona’s Code and Manual for the Compilation of Alphabetical Catalogues as national cataloguing rules in the majority of interviewed countries, the practice shows a conscious decline from the rules due to new types of resources, national implementations of MARC formats, and use of specific library software.

Bibliografski zapisi za e-knjige založbe Springer v COBIB.SI

The import of bibliographic records for electronic books from Springer Publishing House to COBIB.SI is addressed in this paper. These records have been publicly accessible in COBIB.SI since October 2009. The suggestion to import them was given by the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana.


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