Knjižnice med Gutenbergom in Gatesom: Vloga znanstvenih knjižnic v novo nastajajoči medijski krajini

Libraries have gone throughout many changes in history; nowadays, with names like Gates and Joy, they find themselves at a similiar turning point as once personified by Gutenberg. EU is aware of the depth of the metamorphosis taking place and supports it with different political documents, such as the Guidelines on Library Related Legislation and Policy which are dealt with in detail in this article.

Proučevanje uporabe elektronskih časopisov: Stičišče informacijske znanosti in sociologije (2. del od 2 delov)

Studying the information behaviour, to which also user studies belong, represents the most fertile point of contact between information science and sociology, psychology and education science. According to their purpose user studies belong to the information science, according to their methods (questionnaire, interview, focus group) they belong to the named older social sciences.


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