Serials with three levels of enumeration in the COBISS system

The fund of serials with three levels of numbering is not displayed in the COBIB.SR online bibliographic catalogue/database uniformly for all libraries. This diminishes the principle of shared cataloguing as a uniformed display of library funds is definitely required to obtain precise information about where a certain publication can be found. Although the COMARC/H format provides clear instructions on how to enter the numbering into the field 997, these rules are generally not applied. The example of data entry and display in the Letopis Matice srpske fund in the shared COBIB.SR database can be used to demonstrate that the current software solution in the COBISS system does not enable clear data display in the online catalogue, even if the rules are consistently applied. Consequently, the COBISS/OPAC software should be appropriately updated.


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30. 6. 2016
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