Updating records in VIAF and recommendations for higher quality display of Slovenian authority records in VIAF

The article describes the process of updating Slovenian authority records in VIAF, the entry of identifiers into the CONOR.SI database and their display in COBISS+. For most authority records, the updating in VIAF went smoothly, whereas in some records for personal names errors occurred during the process of putting them into clusters, which were then sorted into four groups and compared with the typical entry-related issues described in the VIAF Guidelines. Based on the entry of records in VIAF and the analysis of erroneous links, we compiled general recommendations for creating authority records for personal names in order to avoid errors in the future, which occur in the CONOR.SI authority database during cataloguing. The aim of this article is also to educate cataloguers on the importance of authority control on a global level and to emphasise that their intellectual contribution is not negligible.


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19. 6. 2020
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