Počasna tehnologija (slow tech) – Manifest za etično upravljanje tehnologij

Dramatic social and economic crisis that all economies have been witnessing in the last few years, and the environmental crisis the planet is currently going through have made people re-think the limits of the free global market enlargement. What kind of future are we preparing for the next generations? Will billions of dollars keep flowing each day in the global marketplace? Will we continue devastating the environment with huge amounts of waste materials that are a serious threat to the planet and human health? Will we continue increasing speed of communication and transmission of messages, although we are well aware of man’s limitations in reading or contemplating them? If we look carefully at the core of this global mechanism, we will notice that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are the main engine, which enables and manages the global and accelerating flows. The ever increasing pace of innovation in high-tech industries on the one hand affects the society and the environment. On the other hand, the convergence of information technology with other fields, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and neurotechnology, has produced very dystopian scenarios: smart dust of nano computers floating around in the environment, nano-devices "travelling" inside our bodies and following instructions of advanced medical applications, etc. What adverse impact these converging technologies have on the society and the environment? How will all these info-, bio-, nano-, nevro- convergences affect our mind and our thinking? What kind of life do we want to live? What are we leaving behind for future generations? This is the time for a different more sustainable ICT, the time for "slow-tech" solutions.


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31. 12. 2010
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