Podsticanje čitanja kao zajednička zadaća biblioteka, vrtića i porodice

In recent years, encouraging early reading and developing literacy as an important competency for lifelong learning, success in education and life in modern society have become an increasingly important topic among experts and scientists of various profiles. One begins to realise that this complex pedagogical and psychological activity, if it is to be implemented efficiently and effectively, requires adequately competent providers and creators and suitable programs to be developed for this purpose. Libraries worldwide recognise children as a special user group for which special services and programs need to be developed and every effort made to meet the needs and interests of children and their families. This approach is still new in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study of public and school libraries in the Zenica-Doboj Canton has been made and the analysis of possible responses to new tasks of librarians and other professionals, who educate children, has been conducted to promote these ideas and initiate appropriate actions. A model to encourage reading among children has been developed and guidelines offered for strategic action to be taken to introduce positive changes. The aim is to emphasise the importance of mutual cooperation and coordinated operation of all relevant factors in this process. The paper singles out a few important observations made by the author of the book "Podsticanje djece na čitanje u biblioteci, vrtiću i porodici".


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30. 9. 2011
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