Connection between information science and psychology based on the example of the paradox of wisdom, part 1

Wisdom is one of many human mental capabilities. Mental vitality is stereotypically associated with youth and mental decline with old age. However, also aging is a price of wisdom. The connection between neurological decline (senility, dementias) and wisdom development during aging is referred to as the paradox of wisdom. The prejudice about the leading and synthetic role of philosophy is worsening the development of interdisciplinary research. Information science without (neuro)psychology is not even possible as science since information phenomena, processes and structures have solid brain (anatomical and physiological) and mental foundations. No human mental capability, including perception, is possible without memory and patterns recognitions. A pattern stored in the memory of the brain works as an attractor so that even small parts of neural network automatically fully revive the relevant memory condition.


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23. 4. 2021
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