Knjižnice s slovenskim gradivom v Italiji

The article gives a short presentation of the libraries with Slovene materials on the territory within which the Slovene community in Italy is historically present. The presentation concerning school, municipal and society libraries is followed by an overview of the activities of the central library of the Slovenes in Italy – the “Narodna in študijska knjižnica” (Slovene National Library of the Studies) in Trieste.

Avstrijske splošne knjižnice in Slovenska študijska knjižnica v Celovcu

The article describes the current situation of the Austrian library system and public libraries, especially with regard to the automation and bibliographic databases. In addition to that, it describes the history of the Slovenska študijska knjižnica (Slovene Study Library) in Klagenfurt, its importance for the Slovene national minority in Carinthia and its place in the Austrian and the Slovenian library system.

Nekaj možnosti bibliometrijske analize časopisa OZ 1998–2006

The definition of bibliometrics as quantitative analysis of publications is followed by a brief outline of the history of the journal Organizacija znanja (Organisation of Knowledge; continuation of Cobiss obvestila). In addition to that, the following quantitative characteristics of this publication are analysed: authors, topics, citations. The conclusion focuses on the future development of Organizacija znanja.


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