Author guidelines

About the journal

Organizacija znanja (OZ) is a multidisciplinary professional and scientific journal published by IZUM, the Institute of Information Science Maribor.

OZ publishes original scientific and professional articles in the area of information science, librarianship, information technology, science sociology, epistemology, and cultural studies. It deals with topics such as the emergence, organisation, storage, transfer, evaluation and application of knowledge, especially in the area of library and information services. The journal also includes articles aimed at the community of the COBISS system users.

Between 1996 and 2001, OZ was entitled COBISS Obvestila (ISSN 1318-8585, e-version 1408-8134). Later the journal was published quarterly in printed (ISSN 1580-979X) and electronic (ISSN 1580-9803) form. Since 2014 (Volume 19), the journal has been published in electronic form only. From 2020 (Volume 25) the articles are published continuously.

OZ is included in LISA, Crossref, ProQuest Library Science, ProQuest Research Library, ProQuest Central, COBIB.SI,, WorldCat and dCOBISS.

General guidelines

Contributions that were not previously published or submitted for publication in another journal are published in OZ. The author is responsible for the content of the contribution and any potential copyright violations. If the contribution was already published or submitted to another journal or publication, the exact title of the publication in which the work was or will be published must be specified. If required, the author must obtain the publisher’s consent to republish the work, which should be submitted with the contribution. If the contribution was prepared based on a contribution that was already published, submitted for publication or in print (e.g. diploma thesis, Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, chapter in a book, etc.).

Scientific articles published in OZ are peer-reviewed. The peer-review process is anonymous; contributions are reviewed by at least one reviewer in the corresponding scientific discipline. Based on the review, the Editorial Board can either accept the contribution, request corrections and improvements, or reject it.

The typology of an article can be provided by the author(s) according to the valid typology of documents/works for bibliography management in the COBISS system. The final decision, however, will be made by the Editorial Board based on the editor’s/reviewer’s proposal.

Contributions in OZ are published in the Slovenian language; contributions by foreign authors are published in their original language (if Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or Montenegrin). The Editorial Board may also decide to publish articles in the English language. Article abstracts and keywords are published in the language of the article as well as in English. The text should be written in first person plural or the impersonal style. Contributions must be written in the standard form of the language and all contributions will be reviewed by a proof-reader. There is no fee to publish an article in the journal.

Scientific articles should not exceed 24 pages or 45,000 characters including spaces and punctuation marks; professional articles should be limited to 16 pages or 30,000 characters including spaces and punctuation marks.

For details on the structure, formatting and citing see Author Guidelines, for writing article the Word template should be used.

Submitting contributions

The corresponding author should send the contribution in electronic form (in a format supported by MS Word) to the Editorial Board’s e-mail address: Authors should follow the published Author guidelines to avoid rejection of their works.  Authors should send their articles in electronic form together with the form for Permission for publication and authorship statement, which should be appropriately filled out and signed. If there are multiple authors, all authors of the contribution need to sign the form separately. The scanned form should be sent as an attachment to: If scanning is not an option, the original document should be sent by post to: Uredništvo OZ, Institut informacijskih znanosti, Prešernova 17, 2000 Maribor.

Open access policy

From 2021 onwards articles in the journal OZ are open access articles under the licence Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). The licence permits users to copy, distribute, rent, publish and adapt a copyright work if authorship is given and the work of the first publication is cited. The licence allows sharing and adapting the content, in case of the latter, the work is shared under the same conditions as the original. When submitting a contribution, the author encloses a filled in form Permission for publication and authorship statement, stating that he/she agrees with the open access policy. If there are multiple authors, all authors of the contribution need to sign the form separately.

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