Organizacija nacionalnog COBISS centra u Srbiji – VBS Centra

The Virtual Library of Serbia is a system linking member libraries that actively work in the system. In addition to the National Library of Serbia, the Matica Srpska Library, the University Library in Belgrade, and the Yugoslav Bibliographic-Information Institute have played a key role in the system since its very beginning.

Uvajanje segmentov programske opreme COBISS3 v Sloveniji

The paper illustrates the chronological development of individual COBISS3 software versions. It describes the key characteristics of individual modules, the experience in implementing essential functionalities and the training of users. Included in the paper are statistical data and indicators on the current usage of the COBISS3 software.

Meje so, meja ni

New technology provides a possibility of capturing the information infinity. In an interesting turn of events, globalisation strengthens the desire to recognise the identities of individuals and nations. Libraries have a great responsibility in this respect and can only successfully fulfil it in association with other institutions in charge of documentary heritage.

Različnost jezikov in pisav v sistemu COBISS

The author introduces the project called Unification of the Use of Codes for Languages and Scripts in COBISS.Net, completed at IZUM in November 2007. As a result of the changes to the list of codes for languages a conversion of encrypted data on the language had to be carried out.

Nove aplikacije v sistemu COBISS

The paper presents new COBISS applications and their use by libraries operating within the COBISS.Net network. An emphasis is placed on new features in the shared cataloguing system, in particular, when moving to a new COBISS3/Cataloguing interface.


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