Spletne bibliografije v sistemu COBISS.SI

The web application developed within the COBISS.SI system and intended for bibliographies of researchers and professionals as well as for articles published in serials is addressed. Possible methods for creating different types of bibliographies and methods for selecting and/or excluding bibliographic items when creating bibliographies of authors/researchers are presented.

Vzpostavitev normativne kontrole v knjižničnem informacijskem sistemu COBISS.SI, Slovenija

Describes a process of gradual implementation of authority control in the COBISS library informationsystem in Slovenia (COBISS.SI). The CONOR.SI initial authority database contained, at thetime of its implementation, over 24,000 authority records for personal authors, mostly Slovenian,from publishing production of the last few years.

Kiberangelčki umazanega obraza

The impetus for this article was the campaign conducted on the Internet last year and the year before by anonymous individuals trying to discredit Izum’s management. Some of the legal and technological aspects of cyberstalking are pointed out, and ways of dealing with the problem of cybercrime, based on US and EU legislation, are also presented.


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