E-knjige in COBISS

Integration of e-book acquisition and lending into the COBISS system is presented, leading to the development of a new software module: COBISS3/Electronic Resources. The module enables acquisition procedures of electronic material and linking to e-lending portals.

Kakšen COBISS, knjižničarka?

At Polje Primary School, on the day of technology organised within the framework of activity days, pupils of the 6th grade learn about the COBISS system and about searching in COBISS/OPAC. In six periods, pupils also learn about how to cite sources correctly and about the rules for writing term papers.

Socialna ekonomija sistema COBISS in mreže COBISS.Net

A historical view of the social economy of the COBISS system and of the COBISS.Net network is presented. Library economics is an important part of librarianship. From an economic point of view, the COBISS co-operative online bibliographic information system and the COBISS.Net network are examples of a genuine development of such systems with typical elements of post-market paradigm of the social economy.

COBIB.SI: prirast bibliografskih zapisov v letu 2014

The article shows the annual increment of material in COBIB.SI. The data on the increment of bibliographic records by months for 2014 was analysed. With an increment of 10.65%, January 2014 was the leading month, followed by October with 9.41%. On an annual level, the largest number of bibliographic records is created on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Cataloguing rules and their changes – current situation in Slovenia

The article is a short overview of the development and changes in cataloguing practice in Slovenian libraries from World War II to the present day, with special attention paid to the role and duties of the principal catalogue editor and the National Cataloguing Committee, revealing future actions and trends in the development of the national cataloguing codes.

The improvement of the COMARC format as a result of the expanding COBISS.Net network

The article describes the process of library automation in the Bulgarian National Library and the conversion of the records in their databases into the COMARC format and lists the reasons why COBISS software was chosen by the National Library of Bulgaria and other Bulgarian libraries. It also mentions the need to expand the COMARC format due to countries with different cataloguing practices participating in the COBISS.Net project.

Vzajemna katalogizacija v okolju dveh pisav

COBISS is a synonym for autonomous library information systems, used in Slovenia and in the countries of the South-Western Balkans for over 20 years. With the aim of faster exchange of bibliographic records in the region, these countries signed an agreement on the establishment of the COBISS.Net network in 2003.


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