IPv6 – ali ga že potrebujemo?

The Internet is the driving force of the modern world. The fundamental technology for its operation is Internet protocol. Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) was developed forty years ago and not enough address space was planned for today’s demands. Consequently, mechanisms were already starting to form to extend the IPv4 address space and develop the new version 6 (IPv6) in the past millennium.

Klasifikacija ključnih besed iz bibliografskih enot

A research field dealt with in a bibliographic source is not easily identifiable from the COBISS bibliographic data on Slovenian researchers. Keywords are the best way to identify research fields. Our aim was to sort (classify) keywords of researchers’ bibliographic units. To this end, we have chosen as the classifier the classification of the Slovenian Research Agency. A special attention has been devoted to the selection and preparation of texts intended for machine learning in order to achieve best results.


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