Overhaul of the application of the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS)

The article presents upgrades and features of the new SICRIS application version, based on updated trasfer of data from ARRS, migration to open source environment and updated web services. In 2022, the project of migration from the Windows platform (MS SQL, ASP.NET, IIS) to the Linux platform (PostgreSQL, Java EE, Wildfly) was completed.

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2020

The article presents in detail the data on the annual increment of bibliographic records in 2020 at annual and monthly levels. The analysis includes 185,518 bibliographic records created by 545 cataloguers from 247 libraries. In the last quarter of the year, 30.4% of bibliographic records were created.

Quality control of daily bibliographic records production in the period from 2015 to 2020

In this paper, the results of an analysis of the data quality performed within quality control of daily bibliographic records production in the period from 2015 to 2020 are presented. The sample included 13,478 bibliographic records with associated authority records. The analysis is based on the data quality dimensions that were attributed to the recorded errors of the reviewed bibliographic and normative records.

Connection between information science and psychology based on the example of the paradox of wisdom, part 1

Wisdom is one of many human mental capabilities. Mental vitality is stereotypically associated with youth and mental decline with old age. However, also aging is a price of wisdom. The connection between neurological decline (senility, dementias) and wisdom development during aging is referred to as the paradox of wisdom.

Digital humanities: a whim or a (bibliographical) routine?

The article presents and analyses selected digital humanities projects and research initiatives in which libraries and other heritage institutions participate actively. These ambitious global projects supplement the existing knowledge on general and specific social and cultural-historical phenomena in the field of written cultural heritage with the help of web-based applications, tools and the collaborative location-independent research approach.

Updating records in VIAF and recommendations for higher quality display of Slovenian authority records in VIAF

The article describes the process of updating Slovenian authority records in VIAF, the entry of identifiers into the CONOR.SI database and their display in COBISS+. For most authority records, the updating in VIAF went smoothly, whereas in some records for personal names errors occurred during the process of putting them into clusters, which were then sorted into four groups and compared with the typical entry-related issues described in the VIAF Guidelines.

Users in the COBISS environment – experiences at the Public Library of Užice

In 2019, the Public Library of Užice conducted a survey to assess the level of user knowledge of the search process in COBISS/OPAC (now COBISS+). The survey consisted of the following segments: user profile, most commonly used access points, use of screen tips and ease of searching, and user evaluation of the search results obtained.


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