Digital humanities: a whim or a (bibliographical) routine?

The article presents and analyses selected digital humanities projects and research initiatives in which libraries and other heritage institutions participate actively. These ambitious global projects supplement the existing knowledge on general and specific social and cultural-historical phenomena in the field of written cultural heritage with the help of web-based applications, tools and the collaborative location-independent research approach.

Reactive programming

Due to a large number of web devices and many end users, who want constant availability and quick responsiveness of applications, new approaches to computer programming are required. The concept of reactive programming, its basic characteristics, reactive solutions and microservices based on asynchronous operation are presented.


The E-CRIS web applications representing research activities in countries that participate in the COBISS.Net system make it possible to access data in the XML format adjusted for communication among computers. Internal IZUM applications and different applications of scientific institutions access the data. In 2016, access to a wider data set in the JSON format was made possible.


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