Federacija COBISS AAI: Avtentikacijsko-avtorizacijska infrastruktura COBISS

IZUM and libraries offer their users numerous information services and most of them require user login. Login is carried out on the basis of a username and password and enables the user’s authentication and authorisation. IZUM manages such a mechanism based on identity data and other information about the members within the COBISS system. This year, a single sign-on system was introduced via the Shibboleth software component and the COBISS AAI Federation.

Mobilna aplikacija naj služi uporabnikom

The main aim of a mobile app should be to ensure the largest possible degree of success, efficiency and satisfaction experienced by the users when reaching their goals, i.e. usability. In order to achieve it, the designers and developers of mobile apps must consider standards, recommendations and guidelines, which is the right path towards a high-quality product where the user interface and the contents are united into a homogenous whole. Only a mobile app adapted to its users will encourage them to use it and will satisfy their needs.


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