A Set of Dimensions for Defining Data Quality in Bibliographic and Authority Records

A set of dimensions was developed for the purposes of quality analysis of data of bibliographic and authority records. The dimensions are qualitative descriptions of the types of data required in records. The set was developed by literature review and typology of errors, prepared by analyzing the recommendations given to librarians within quality control of daily bibliographic records production in COBIB.SI in 2017. The final set consists of 11 dimensions; it includes different data requirements within the following two basic categories of dimensions: quality of data value and quality of data representation. Based on the dimensions, data quality in bibliographic and authority records was defined. When developing the dimensions, we had to face some terminological issues. The relevance of dimensions should be checked by actual analysis of data, when metrics and methods, and the basis for quality assessment will be formed.


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31. 12. 2018
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