Kako racionalizirati katalogizacijo in izboljšati funkcionalnost sistema COBISS

New publication paradigm and changed users’ expectations compel library profession to develop new services. The trend of cutting down libraries’ budgets only further compels libraries to rationalise their work in all areas, also in cataloguing. Ever-growing complexity of bibliographic systems dictates cataloguing procedures to be changed. In Slovenia, a significant dispersion of cataloguing causes additional problem. In 2008, 638 cataloguers created 173,049 original records, meaning that the average number of records created by a cataloguer was 271. The extreme dispersion no doubt reflects in the quality of the COBIB.SI shared database. Fifty randomly selected records verified by NUK and IZUM in 2009 showed that only six records were of appropriate quality, 17 of them contained minor mistakes and as many as 27 contained major mistakes.


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31. 12. 2009
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