Obzornik zdravstvene nege: spletna metrika 2009−2013

Through the development of information and communication technologies, articles in electronic form have emerged. The journal Slovenian Nursing Review (Obzornik zdravstvene nege) also gained another media for transferring information, and this article presents the results of a study, in which users’ online behaviour was observed and the journal’s website traffic was measured. In the observed four-year time period 2009–2013, a total of 94,903 visits were recorded, 51,692 among them were unique visitors, mostly from Slovenia, and 50% of new visitors on average. The keyword most commonly used for searching was Obzornik zdravstvene nege; Internet Explorer was the most frequently used web browser, even though the use of Firefox and Chrome is also increasing. The most frequently used operation system is Windows, while the most web referral traffic came from search engines. Also presented are the 50 most frequently viewed volumes and issues. By updating the website and creating a digital archive, the editorial board of the Slovenian Nursing Review achieved a larger readership, more visibility and easier access to published contents in the area of nursing and midwifery. Free access to full-text articles from 1954 onwards will also contribute towards a larger national and international recognition of the Slovenian Nursing Review.


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31. 12. 2013
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