The E-CRIS web applications representing research activities in countries that participate in the COBISS.Net system make it possible to access data in the XML format adjusted for communication among computers. Internal IZUM applications and different applications of scientific institutions access the data. In 2016, access to a wider data set in the JSON format was made possible.


A new online user interface SICRIS, V3, was developed. Responsive web design concepts and support for mobile devices and touchscreens on the basis of jQuery Mobile framework were taken into account. Public access allows all functionalities of the previous version, and some new functionalities, such as advanced search, were added.

Bibliografije raziskovalcev v sistemu COBISS.SI

Presented is the methodology of managing researchers’ bibliographies within the COBISS.SI system. A research classification scheme is used for unique identification of researchers. It is through this classification scheme that links are made to official records of the Slovenian Research Agency, containing information on researchers and developers, and to the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS).


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