Vzpostavitev normativne kontrole v knjižničnem informacijskem sistemu COBISS.SI, Slovenija

Describes a process of gradual implementation of authority control in the COBISS library informationsystem in Slovenia (COBISS.SI). The CONOR.SI initial authority database contained, at thetime of its implementation, over 24,000 authority records for personal authors, mostly Slovenian,from publishing production of the last few years. It was created automatically based on personalbibliographies of Slovenian researchers and the Slovenian national bibliography for monographs inCOBISS.SI. Also describes: major conceptual issues related to the entire implementation logic ofauthority control; the upgrading of software for shared cataloguing required by the implementationof authority control; and the implementation process itself. Presents some experiences related tocataloguing with authority control within COBISS.SI together with plans on the subsequent implementationof authority control for other types of headings.


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30. 6. 2004
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