Relating to the connection between information science and bibliography (and librarianship), the elements are given to compare the concepts of Répertoire Bibliographique Universel (RBU) and COBIB within the COBISS system. Different aspects of understanding the development of bibliographies and the author’s personal view of the development of bibliographies are presented. According to Paul Otlet’s idea, conceived at the end of the 19th century, RBU was to represent the universal bibliography of all books and other publications from all countries, from all times and from all subject areas, organised by subject and author. Catalogues should represent the first stage of RBU.

Proučevanje uporabe elektronskih časopisov: Stičišče informacijske znanosti in sociologije (2. del od 2 delov)

Studying the information behaviour, to which also user studies belong, represents the most fertile point of contact between information science and sociology, psychology and education science. According to their purpose user studies belong to the information science, according to their methods (questionnaire, interview, focus group) they belong to the named older social sciences.


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