Ali gre za spremembo paradigme znanstvenega komuniciranja? Primer elektronskih znanstvenih časopisov s področja informacijske znanosti in knjižničarstva (1. del od 2 delov)

Until electronic publishing appeared, scientific communication had been developing almost 400 years in the direction technologically defined by print on paper. Quick development of the online electronic publishing in the last decade of the 20th century brought about the possibilities of the whole range of changes, especially scientific papers and articles, which also changes the so far paradigm of scientific communication. Among scientific journals on information science and librarianship there were 55 journals that in 1997 had an impact factor higher than 0. We established their online electronic version, vendors, the terms of use and the availability. 36 journals (66 per cent) were available in electronic versions.


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30. 9. 1999
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