Informacijska sociologija, ekonomija in informacijska (meta)fizika

The article is one of the results reached within the frames of a broader project Selective bibliography of key contributions to the development of the information science, in which the authors have been involved since 1995. The result of the project should be a special bibliographical history of the information science. The authors established that beside librarianship, information technology and informatics, computer science and cognitive science (psychology), the information science strongly interacts with information sociology (in statu nascendi), information macro- and microeconomics as well as with the information (meta)physics (in statu nascendi). The article is a contribution to the theoretical and methodological statement of information sociology as a possible special (sub)discipline. To avoid the double meaning of the term economics of information, the authors suggest new designations for this term: information macroeconomics and information microeconomics. In the section dealing with information (meta)physics the authors, attempting to contribute to the establishment of the science on the physical basis of information, emanate from Tom Stonier's information physics. Once we are able to experimentally examine and measure physical basis of information, information physics will be hard science. For the time being, the most critical problem seems to be the non-existence of a device to detect and observe infons as the physical forms of information, the existence of which is presumably objectively real, and of which, together with matter and energy, space is made.


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30. 6. 2002
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