Bibliografije raziskovalcev v sistemu COBISS.SI

Presented is the methodology of managing researchers’ bibliographies within the COBISS.SI system. A research classification scheme is used for unique identification of researchers. It is through this classification scheme that links are made to official records of the Slovenian Research Agency, containing information on researchers and developers, and to the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS). Researchers’ bibliographies are created in the shared cataloguing process; for sorting of bibliographic items, however, the use of a uniform methodology of documents/works is mandatory. The correctness of whether bibliographic units are sorted by formal criteria or not is checked automatically. Compliance of scientific publications classification by content criteria is evaluated by Central Specialised Research Centres (CSICs) according to scientific disciplines. Researchers’ bibliographies are generated from records in the COBIB.SI shared bibliographic database. The categorisation of bibliographic units in terms of their importance is dependent on the criteria of the institution evaluating the efficiency of a researcher, and these criteria might be different from those for the Slovenian Research Agency and universities.


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31. 12. 2005
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