Measuring the data quality of the bibliographic and authority records: case study of selected data elements for facet navigation and a displayed list of search results in COBISS+

As one of the segments of data quality analysis, theoretical and methodological approaches towards measuring the quality of data in bibliographic and authority records are presented. On the basis of professional literature review, the paper focuses on metrics, methods of measurement and results analysis. Based on profiling the data set acquired by analyzing recommendations given to librarians within quality control of daily bibliographic records production in COBIB.SI in 2015–2018, the case study was conducted where the quality of data within selected data elements used in facet navigation and in the display of search results lists in COBISS+ was measured. This case study shows the possibility of metrics design, which could be more applicable if compared with the existing counting errors approach. At the same time the case study reveals a set of data elements that have had low value in cataloguing practices so far.


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3. 12. 2019
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