Measuring the data quality of the bibliographic and authority records: case study of selected data elements for facet navigation and a displayed list of search results in COBISS+

As one of the segments of data quality analysis, theoretical and methodological approaches towards measuring the quality of data in bibliographic and authority records are presented. On the basis of professional literature review, the paper focuses on metrics, methods of measurement and results analysis.

Next Generation User Interfaces

In the information landscape, there is an increasing number of non-library providers who attract the attention of current library users. Libraries are in a state of intense transitioning and face the question of whether or not they still sufficiently meet the information needs of their users on a daily basis.

Obdelava starih in redkih knjig v Knjižnici Matice srbske

The Matica Srpska Library (Biblioteka Matice srpske, BMS) has entered the major part of its collection of rare publications into an online union catalogue. Software solution, based on temporarily added fields 370–379, has been used for the description of old and rare books, as well as for the preparation of printed catalogues.