COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2015

The article shows the annual increment of bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2015. The data on the increment by months and by days was analysed. With a total increment of 27.88%, November, October and January were the leading months, the increment was a little over 9% in each of these months. In 2015 the largest number of bibliographic records was created on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. According to the data as of 31 December 2015, 173,462 new bibliographic records were created in COBIB.SI in 2015. The data related to the migration from COBISS2/Cataloguing to COBISS3/Cataloguing is also presented. Between 2012 and 2015 the majority of cataloguers (94.85% or n = 608) obtained cataloguing permit A for creating records for monographs. They obtained other licences based on the privileges they had already had in COBISS2 and on the requirements of their daily work. In 2015 training for the migration to COBISS3/Cataloguing ended and COBISS2/Cataloguing ceased to be used on 30 June 2016.


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31. 12. 2016
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