Information organization and cataloguing: the basis of information professionals education

Teaching and learning how to organize information effectively is a complex process both for educators and students. Cataloguing, which is defined as the process of organizing information by making bibliographic records, is the established procedure for achieving the goal mentioned. Learning the process of cataloguing can be difficult for students because they must become familiar with a large amount of new and complex contents.

Archival description using UNIMARC: Presidential Library experience

The paper presents basic approaches to managing archival resources in the Presidential library (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). All resources in the collection are described using the RUSMARC format (national implementation of UNIMARC), which provides sufficient instruments to keep the hierarchical structure of archival description and to give detailed characteristics of the materials.

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2018

The article presents an analysis of the increase in bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2018. The data collected during the year were included in the analysis. Emphasis is placed on bibliographic data (n = 169,226), as well as data on the increase of normative records for personal names in the CONOR.SI database (n = 63 716) and data on downloaded records from other databases. Included is the analysis of the increment of bibliographic records by months for 2018 and the most productive days of the year.

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2017

The article presents the analysis of the annual increment of bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2017. According to the data as of 31 December 2017, 174,995 new bibliographic records were created in COBIB.SI in 2017; the data collected during 2017 (n = 171,273) is analysed. The data on bibliographic and authority records downloaded from other databases is included, e.g. from WorldCat (OCLC), ISSN Register (International Standard Serial Number), Online Catalogue of the Library of Congress and Library of Congress Name Authority File (LCNAF).