Vzajemna katalogizacija v okolju dveh pisav

COBISS is a synonym for autonomous library information systems, used in Slovenia and in the countries of the South-Western Balkans for over 20 years. With the aim of faster exchange of bibliographic records in the region, these countries signed an agreement on the establishment of the COBISS.Net network in 2003. The area where COBISS.Net operates is known on the map of European languages for several old autochthonous and new languages, as well as the use of two scripts. In COBISS software we developed several procedures for the use of Cyrillic script and/or the simultaneous use of Latin and Cyrillic script. Throughout the generations of COBISS software, the technological solutions have been changing; they became more complex and more standardised, and at the same time also more practical for the use in libraries and more efficient at meeting the end users' expectations.


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31. 12. 2014
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