Transparentnost raziskovalne dejavnosti v Sloveniji

This article deals with an issue encountered by almost every financing system for scientific research: how to ensure the best possible quality of research and a favourable ratio between the means invested and the final result.

Pomen knjižnic pri evalvacijah in akreditacijah univerz v ZDA

Accreditation is an integral part of the autonomy of U.S. universities, which has changed, but also gained significance through time. Whereas the evaluation of libraries used to be based upon their size, they are now evaluated based upon measures of their performance as defined by ACRL, i.e. input, output and outcome measures.

Pristop k evalvaciji na Univerzi v Ljubljani

Libraries are the heart of every university. European quality standards of higher education institutions naturally stress the significance of libraries. The University of Ljubljana introduced systematic analyses and preparation of reports on quality (self-evaluation), which also applies to libraries.