Pristop k evalvaciji na Univerzi v Ljubljani

Libraries are the heart of every university. European quality standards of higher education institutions naturally stress the significance of libraries. The University of Ljubljana introduced systematic analyses and preparation of reports on quality (self-evaluation), which also applies to libraries.

Uporaba citatnih informacij nacionalne in regionalne ravni pri evalvaciji znanstvene učinkovitosti

The rationales for building SCIndeks: Serbian Citation Index are described. CIndeks was built as a hybrid product designed to meet the two “natural” priorities of science in a small developing country such as Serbia: promoting national research results internationally and supporting non-arbitrary, quantitative evaluation of academic entities.

Univerzitetne knjižnice v Albaniji

Contemporary Albania inherited a government-managed higher education system, which eventually collapsed. Universities are emerging and developing in an unregulated environment with insufficient financial support. The libraries, though still very “modest”, are the ones that have achieved the highest level of organisation.


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