Professional self-confidence in reading literacy promotion

Participation in professional events in the fields of reading literacy and reading culture has a positive impact on boosting professional self-confidence. The available data reflects the accessibility of professional events for the promotion of reading literacy and reading culture in Slovenia. Practitioners attend such training, but at the same time, they doubt their competence to encourage and plan the development of reading literacy and reading culture.

Information organization and cataloguing: the basis of information professionals education

Teaching and learning how to organize information effectively is a complex process both for educators and students. Cataloguing, which is defined as the process of organizing information by making bibliographic records, is the established procedure for achieving the goal mentioned. Learning the process of cataloguing can be difficult for students because they must become familiar with a large amount of new and complex contents.

Information resources in the academic environment

Learning and knowledge acquisition with new forms of learning in the education process is based on one”s construction and deconstruction of meaning and the learner”s interaction with the world in a certain social and cultural environment. Each person is responsible for their own learning and how to manage it. As active learning is based on independent and active engagement in the teaching and learning process, finding and gathering information from various sources is an important part of any form of learning and teaching, particularly in the academic environment.


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