COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2020

The article presents in detail the data on the annual increment of bibliographic records in 2020 at annual and monthly levels. The analysis includes 185,518 bibliographic records created by 545 cataloguers from 247 libraries. In the last quarter of the year, 30.4% of bibliographic records were created. In the year marked with the pandemic, the milestone of 1,000 records created in a single day was exceeded on ten days. Most records, i.e. 1,095 records, were created on Thursday, 12 November 2020, whereas Wednesdays are the most productive days. The fewest records were created in August. When referring to the type of records, the multiannual trend continues also in 2020: most records were created for monographs (47.1%) and component parts (45.9%). The data on records downloaded from other databases and the data on the annual increment of authority records for personal names and for corporate body names in the CONOR.SI database are included. The results show how important the work of cataloguers in the COBISS system is. In addition to seasonal trends, the impact of implementing the preventative measures for covid-19 can be observed.


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23. 12. 2021
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