Uvajanje tehnologije RFID v slovenskih knjižnicah

In recent years RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology based on information carriers, called transponders, has spread rapidly. The contents of transponders can be read and changed at a distance. Transponders can be of various shapes and sizes, which makes it possible to use them in a large variety of fields, such as transport, trade, warehouses, and libraries. RFID labels make it possible to identify, protect and track library materials. A library using this system has to be equipped with suitable readers, a sensor gate for protection, and hardware and software that make linking to the library information system possible. IZUM, in co-operation with Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG, a Swiss company, developed software solutions to enable RFID application in libraries that participate in the COBISS.SI system. The RFID system was given an experimental implementation in the first Slovenian library this September. In the final chapter of this article, future perspectives of RFID technology application and some doubts related to protection of data privacy are presented.


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30. 9. 2005
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