Vdor elektronskega dokumenta v literaturo: Izkušnje z revijo Locutio on-line

Language, used by literature, is a sort of assembly of all partial language functions in the unique and independent heritage function. There is a real revolution going on in this laboratory this very moment. Digitalised text ended the illusion of any final state of documents and its technological and social petrified functions. This was brought to our attention by some marginal literary use in sixties of seventies, but today this is the central phenomenon, opening the questions of perception and reception of electronic form as an independent media. Therefore there is of great importance to encourage development of programs that will bring digital texts in the broad use. One of the forms of such program is the first Slovene literary online review Locutio on-line and its story presents some new relations between language and writing.


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30. 6. 2003
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