Glasba povezuje in ločuje ljudi, skupnosti, ljudstva in religije

Musicology is in danger of becoming an “orchid-like profession” with no significant role in understanding the spirit of the time because it has remained too concerned with the glorification of the 19th century’s Eurocentric composers. What we need is comparative musicology to capture all the complexity of music – the phenomenon that is deeply implanted in our consciousness and is present in many areas of human life, such as cults, politics, medical treatment, work and law.

Klasifikacija ključnih besed iz bibliografskih enot

A research field dealt with in a bibliographic source is not easily identifiable from the COBISS bibliographic data on Slovenian researchers. Keywords are the best way to identify research fields. Our aim was to sort (classify) keywords of researchers’ bibliographic units. To this end, we have chosen as the classifier the classification of the Slovenian Research Agency. A special attention has been devoted to the selection and preparation of texts intended for machine learning in order to achieve best results.

Kakovost bibliografskih zapisov v COBIB-u

Library catalogues allow users searching of library materials in different ways. To achieve successful and efficient searching, bibliographic and authority records should be created according to cataloguing rules, besides perfect and accurate records are required. That is why, cataloguers are responsible for an adequate quality of records and the quality control should be regularly examined.


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