Impact of open access in the time echo of publication – scientific publications in civil engineering

The open access as a new bussiness model in scientific communication can have an impact on citations of scientific publications, which has been researched a lot. This article presents an analysis of the echo time, which indicates the period from publishing an article to the time of its first citation. The analysis of the echo time was made in two phases.

Systemization of work as a process

Modern systemization of work must become a process just as other organizational processes monitored by it. The purpose of our research was to create an SWP model (systemization of work as a process model) for knowledge-based business functions, which will be useful in practice and will make it possible to organise work on the basis of employee competencies and to form salaries on the basis of effective work time, and complexity and quality of work. During research we designed an SWP model and presented how to determine the complexity of tasks based on the required competencies, the criteria for determining the quality of work and the method of recording effective work.

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2016

The article shows the analysis of the annual increment of bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2016 by month and by day; records were contributed by cataloguers from 252 libraries. According to the data as of 31 December 2016, 181,535 new bibliographic records were created in COBIB.SI in 2016; the data for 177,486 bibliographic records is analysed and presented. At the end of the year, the monthly increment of bibliographic records increased, which can be contributed to the records for theses and dissertations.


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