Dissemination of knowledge: process systematization and its implementation

Dissemination proved to be a complex process that can take very diverse paths with questionable outcomes if not shaped correctly. And there are variety of views in research communities and the society of what the dissemination is. In such a situation it is natural to develop a more solid comprehension of the concept and, based on this, a model of the environment for the dissemination. This makes it possible to set goals of dissemination. By systematization the dissemination process is then shaped in such a way as to allow fulfilling the dissemination goals. To assure the process is carried out as defined, a system implementing the process is proposed. The model of the environment proved critical for the definition of the dissemination process and systematization proved to be a means for completing and structuring knowledge about the dissemination accordingly. Both are verified against a real dissemination process. Research communities can benefit from such a system in increased quality of dissemination achieved with less dissemination effort.


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30. 9. 2011
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