Plaidoyer za prenovljeno teorijo informacij

Information is part of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom (DIKW) "spectrum". In optics, "spectrum" is a complete range of rainbow colours into which white light is separated when it passes through a glass prism. Based on conclusions different sciences have come to that relate to data, information, knowledge and understanding of meaning, as well as to memory, intelligence, consciousness and wisdom, a renewed theory of information is needed. Such a theory should be generally applicable and useful. In the field of information science, the heart of the science on information (information is used also by many other scientific disciplines), definitions seen from a narrow perspective of the theory and practice of information studies and activities have been developed. Due to the relationship existing between the information science and, in particular, information technology, library science, archival studies and museology, these definitions are considered special definitions for these disciplines. Because of the central position of the information science among sciences on information, these special definitions are declared valid and used in other fields, which may not always be right.


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30. 5. 2012
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