Nova uloga seoskih biblioteka u savremenom bibliotekarstvu

The paper presents the situation in Serbian village libraries. It also points out that these libraries do not keep pace with the development of library and information activities in Serbia and that among their users, similar to those in public libraries in cities, there is only a small number of farmers. Based on data from surveys and questionnaires to investigate the farming population of the village municipality Jagodina (Serbia), it was established that agricultural producers needed to undergo drastic changes. In Serbian villages, the majority of farmers do not have computers or Internet access, and due to poor economic situation they do not have the possibility to get any professional training, or to visit fairs, seminars and lectures. Public library "Radislav Nikčević" from Jagodina recognised the opportunity for a village library to play an active role in making a difference to the local community. The need for modernisation of agricultural production created a need to modernise libraries in a rural area.


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30. 9. 2012
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