Overhaul of the application of the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS)

The article presents upgrades and features of the new SICRIS application version, based on updated trasfer of data from ARRS, migration to open source environment and updated web services. In 2022, the project of migration from the Windows platform (MS SQL, ASP.NET, IIS) to the Linux platform (PostgreSQL, Java EE, Wildfly) was completed.

Slovenian scientific journals in 2021

Based on (1) the lists of Slovenian scientific journals in international databases used to evaluate publications by Slovenian researchers, (2) regular government calls for support of scientific journals, and (3) a more detailed review of the main international bibliographic databases for this system (SNIP, JCR, SJR), we can conclude that 219 Slovenian journals with scientific articles were published in 2021. Every second journal was founded after 1990, and about 60% of them belong to social sciences and humanities. Their publishers are Slovenian institutions and the journals are diamond journals: only 7.7% of journals are affiliated with major global publishers and only 3.7% use APC (Article Processing Charge).

LRM implementation: conceptual design of a cataloging user interface

Changes in the conceptualization of bibliographic data caused by the introduction of the IFLA LRM model have strongly influenced the development and reorganization of cataloging principles and rules, bibliographic formats, and bibliographic information systems. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of both guidance and practices in LRM implementation to show how all the components should be applied consistently in cataloging systems, which we have tried to address by proposing a conceptual design for a cataloging user interface based on the LRM model.


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