Structural crisis of copyright, part 2

Avtorska pravica je vrsta intelektualne lastnine. Beseda “avtorska pravica” ni najbolj posrečen prevod izraza “copyright” (pravica do kopiranja izvoda), hkrati pa je tudi zavajajoča, kot da bi bil osrednja oseba avtor, ne pa imetnik pravice do kopiranja. Avtor je vsekakor imetnik moralne avtorske pravice, vendar je zelo redko tudi imetnik materialnih pravic. Moralne avtorske pravice nimajo tržne vrednosti in so s stališča družbenega sistema, v katerem šteje le denar, nepomembne. Stališče do avtorske pravice je odvisno tudi od poslovnega modela, kot sta npr. model “dolgega repa” ali model “zastonj”.

Structural crisis of copyright, part 1

Copyright is a type of intellectual property. Not only is the Slovene term “avtorska pravica” (author’s right) not the best translation of the term copyright (i.e. the right to copy an item), it is also misleading, as if the central person is the author and not the holder of the right to copy something. While the author is undoubtedly the holder of the moral copyright, he is rarely also the holder of the material rights. Moral copyright has no market value and is insignificant from the perspective of a social system where only money counts. The attitude towards copyright also depends on the business model, e.g. “long-tail” or “freechange”.

Družbeni mediji – zabava ali orodje?

Some compare changes to the ways of communication, life and business caused by social media to the changes that industrial revolution has brought to human civilisation. Number of users of the Facebook social network is approaching 600 million; Wikipedia contains more than 14 million articles in 260 languages.

Knjižnice med Gutenbergom in Gatesom: Vloga znanstvenih knjižnic v novo nastajajoči medijski krajini

Libraries have gone throughout many changes in history; nowadays, with names like Gates and Joy, they find themselves at a similiar turning point as once personified by Gutenberg. EU is aware of the depth of the metamorphosis taking place and supports it with different political documents, such as the Guidelines on Library Related Legislation and Policy which are dealt with in detail in this article.


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