Migracije in medkulturni odnosi

The paper is an adapted lecture presented to the COBISS 2007 International Conference in November 2007 in Maribor, dedicated to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. It is an impulse to consider the prevailing view of the world and the people, originating from homogenous national entities and one-dimensional identities in spite of the fact that the reality is totally different and that neither homogenous national states nor simple ethnic- and national purity-based individual identities exist. The paper emphasises that migration processes are as old as humanity itself and that they have always constituted the basis of a social order and intercultural relations. The relations may be based on dialogue or conflicts. Several examples in the contribution illustrate this by providing considerations at the individual political and social level on how to start to comprehend our cultural, family, identity as well as historical and political ties and the complexity of our common experience in terms of a dialogue rather than conflict, particularly in the Western Balkans, given that the largest number of the Conference participants came from that region.


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31. 12. 2007
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