Avtomatizacija knjižnic na Slovaškem – pet let po prelomu tisočletj

The State Information Network includes over 6,000 libraries, which have made a big step forward by creating a library network designed as an integrated cooperative system as well as building the Union Catalogue. In 2001, the National Informatisation Policy was adopted, and consequently based on it, also the Slowak Librarianship Development Strategy until 2006. It encompassed plans relating to access to library and information resources, collection digitisation, and the development of the Virtual Library of Slowakia (VIKS). A year later, the KIS3G project on the 3rd Generation Library and Information System to select one common fully-integrated library system started. The plan was to use the same library software in all libraries, i.e. to provide a homogenous environment, into which also museums and galleries would gradually integrate. Selected was the FRBR-based VTLS Virtua System, which has been running since 2004 and nowadays includes 22 libraries. Additionally, the digitisation of cultural heritage and preservation of selected library material have been carried out within VIKS. Connected with this is also the participation in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme.


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31. 12. 2005
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