Gradivo za uvod v kritiko informacijske družbe

This paper introduces material that should function as the basis for the Introduction to the criticism of the information society, an article I am about to write. John Feather's book The Information Society: A Study of Continuity and Change, is an excellent opening into library, information, and communication studies, in which the understanding of the information society forms the theoretical framework for research into issues that are more specific. Manuel Castell's imposing and momentous trilogy, titled The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture, is a multi-dimensional social theory of the information age. Just as Marx was a theoretician and critic of the 19th century early industrial capitalism, Manuel Castells is the theoretician of the late 20th century global information capitalism. Inevitably, like all drastic changes in the relationships both in the production and in the area of power and life-practice in the history of humankind, the information society as a new social formation also has its dark sides, which point at the relativity of human progress.


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31. 3. 2000
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