Library System Development Centre, National and University Library, and integration of school libraries in COBISS

The amendments to the Librarianship Act in 2015 redefined the status of school libraries and assigned new tasks associated with the monitoring of the activities and development of school libraries to the National and University Library (NUL). The statistical monitoring of activities performed by school libraries, the designing of the school library development strategy, the concept of three-year development plans and the development of regulations on the conditions to be met by school libraries in the field of education are among the new activities of the Library System Development Centre, NUL. The mandatory integration of school libraries in the national bibliographic system as prescribed by the amendments required additional activities due to the large number of school libraries. In addition to its usual tasks related to the integration of libraries into COBISS (such as assigning the library identification number to each school library), the Library System Development Centre helped school libraries by informing them and by offering advice about downloading bibliographic records from COBIB.SI, and by producing manuals for the identification, accessioning and weeding of individual types of materials; also, it provided central cataloguing of the library material of school libraries; all this was financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The data obtained through statistical measurements and experience acquired in the central cataloguing of materials will serve as the basis for a rational organisation of processing of materials in school libraries.


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3. 12. 2019
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