Slovenska kulturna in zgodovinska izkušnja za informacijsko družbo

The history of culture is a unique anticipation of future information society, from which it is evident that a sudden, revolutionary leap into a new civilization is improbable and is only wishful thinking on the part of those left behind. In-forming of Slovenes began with the Freising Manuscripts, continued with a great number of our fellow countrymen at medieval universities, with standardization of the Slovene written language starting with Protestantism, with Encyclopedism from Valvasor onwards, with architecture, journalism, science, trades and cultural institutions. The early introduction of telegraph (1849), photography (1843), radio (1928) and television (1957) is also significant. In addition to the information fund, systematically collected over the last half of the millennium, the instruments of historical and other processes of decison making prove our skills to be adequate for the information society.


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31. 12. 2002
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