Stanje avtomatizacij knjižnic v Črni Gori

Up until 1992, some of the Montenegrin libraries were included in the library information system of the Federal Committee for Science, Technology and Informatics, which was being built by IZUM. Later on, COBISS software was used by the Central National Library Đurđe Crnojević operating as the national library, and by the University Library in Podgorica. According to the project on joining libraries into the COBISS system, a number of activities regarding library automation have been implemented since 2000. A year later, an agreement was signed with IZUM. Realization dynamics of the project on the Virtual Library of Montenegro was defined, and in December of the same year the COBIB.CG Union Catalogue was set up. Currently it contains about 50,000 records. The future envisages the establishment of the COBISS Centre of Montenegro. At present, librarians of Montenegro are taking part in an intensive training to be able to work in the COBISS system.



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31. 12. 2005
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