Avtomatizacija knjižnic v Makedoniji

In Macedonia, beside the National and University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” there is a network of about 200 libraries. Although the beginnings of library automation go back to 1977, the first serious steps in this direction were made by joining the SNTI/BIS project (Scientific and Technological Information System and Library and Information System), which stopped in 1991. Five years later, the contacts with IZUM were renewed and in 2002 the COBIB. MK shared cataloguing was set up. The year 2004 was considered an important year as the first phase of the project on the automation of east and west Macedonian public libraries was made possible by the Ministry of Culture. An agreement on COBISS.MK was signed with IZUM, and the Centre of Macedonian Virtual Library (MVL Centre) was established. Currently, COBISS software is being used by 21 libraries. The problems still exist. On one hand there are bad/poor connections resulting from the lack of financial support to MARNET, and deficient hardware, and on the other additional efforts will have to be made to provide the necessary professional training for librarians.


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31. 12. 2005
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