Obveščevalna knjižnica v obveščevalnem živčnem sistemu Slovenije?

Good intelligence has always been essential for human survival. Its significance, however, has grown tremendously as a result of a rapid increase in information activities. Consequently, we are fully justified to talk about an intelligence revolution. Nowadays intelligence activity is still associated with spying by some, although the main issue is how to deal with information accessible to the public; confidential information represents less than one percent of the entire intelligence materials. Librarianship has developed the majority of information and knowledge management tools and it is of great significance that, through intelligence libraries, it assumes an active role in relation to users. The world is divided into intelligence-rich and intelligence-poor countries and, as a consequence, an intelligence library will play a key role in further successful development of Slovenia as well. This article is a written record of the lecture delivered at the COBISS 1997 Conference in Maribor and is published in the memory of Stevan Dedijer, who passed away last year.


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30. 9. 2005
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